I have always been a huge “foodie”!  I will relate this story to you of when I was just a young girl…. not even 4 years of age… my mother lost me in the Eaton’s department store.  Frantic, she searched everywhere, and finally she decided to look in the Eaton’s restaurant.  There I was,  proudly eating the french fries and gravy that I had ordered!

When I was a young girl, living in my parents’ house, I wasn’t much of a cook, but I loved to make dessert.  I remember fondly returning from high school, dropping my books at the door and quickly getting out the ingredients to make apple crisp or some other simple sugary snack.

It wasn’t until I married and had my first daughter that I really began to experiment in the kitchen.  You see my daughter developed food allergies which made going to restaurants or ordering take-out food, certainly something that my husband and I enjoyed doing prior to having a baby, a thing of the past.

Suddenly, I not only had to make dessert but I had to put balanced meals on the table at least three times a day!  Here is where it starts… the countless hours reading and trying out new recipes.  The yard that no longer looks like just a place to sit and have a glass of wine on  sunny day, but a yard that can produce food!

This website was created so that I can share my experiences in the garden and in the kitchen with you. I hope you enjoy the recipes that I share and the journey that I took while using or developing them!

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